No Saguaro

No Saguaro

January 5, 2012

Sources of Endless Stupidity

I refer here, of course, to the local mainstream print and broadcast media.  While these obsolete outlets of government propaganda for the moron masses are insufferable everywhere, they are more so here by orders of magnitude, given the diminished mental capacity of the intended audience.  I offer here a selection of the main "officially sanctioned" sources of local stupidity, the list being by no means exhaustive.

The Arizona Daily Star. The only corporate print "newspaper" still "serving" Tucson in the two years since the demise of the equally execrable Tucson Citizen , which now exists only in digital form (and is no more useful than its dead tree pulp ancestor).  How a town whose majority barely reads at a fifth grade level managed to sustain two newspapers for over one hundred years is one of the world's great unsolved mysteries.  The Daily Star has, not surprisingly, degenerated into a pale imitation of USA Today and serves the same purpose: to make functional illiterates think they're reading a real newspaper.

KGUN, KOLD , KMSB, and KVOA .  The "Four Fucktards" of TV "news" for Tucson, affiliated with ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC, respectively, each of the dying "big four" having a local corpse on life support.  All of these stations are, like others around the nation, interchangeable and fungible, each station's moronic drivel packaged as "news" indistinguishable from that of its other three "competitors."  Of special note in Tucson, however, are KVOA's gang of hacks, fronted by the brainless token Kristi Tedesco and sleazy used car salesman-turned-teleprompter-reader John Overall.  A pair more representative of their intended audience is unlikely to be found in any major city of comparable size.

There are other sources out there to be found, if you have a strong stomach and life minutes to waste looking for them.  Those that I cite above will do just fine as inexhaustible sources of material for this blog.

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