No Saguaro

No Saguaro

January 23, 2012

Thank God She’s Stepping Down, But What Kind Of Assclown Will Take Her Place?

The news that Congresscreature Gabrielle Giffords is stepping down from office is certainly good news to those of us who love liberty and common sense. She claims to want to devote more of her time and energy to her “recovery,” the theft of taxpayer money and what little is left of our freedom apparently being a bit too arduous for her current condition, although Gabby was already brain damaged even before last January’s shooting. Apparently just enough of what little gray matter she has was rearranged in that unfortunate incident to induce the realization that a “career” in the nation’s foremost criminal organization isn’t an option for someone with faculties reduced to levels even below the floor characteristic of that body. Unfortunately, it’s almost certain that the votards of Gabby’s low-mental-wattage district, an electorate consisting mostly of shiftless, brainless losers who look upon Uncle Sam as their sugar mommy, will find some other lying, power-hungry, statist loser to fill her still-warm seat.

Given that only bloodthirsty right-wing fascists and thieving, social engineering-addicted left-wing control freaks find any traction in politics around here, the replacement is likely to be as bad as Giffords, or worse (“the devil you know,” and all that stuff). As a non-voter who considers politics to be at best a fool’s waste of time and at worst an exercise in criminality, the outcome of the special election is immaterial to me except as a spectator. After all, the substitution of one criminal moron for another inside an elected political body has never changed anything except for the worse and this time will be no different.

I do hope –in vain, I realize-- that whatever Gabby Giffords does after leaving Congress doesn’t involve taxpayer money. It would be nice to think that she’ll just return to the ranch on which she grew up and just vegetate (pun intended), doing no more damage to the body public. However, given all of the Paris Hilton-like attention that has been showered upon her since her fateful meeting with the wrong end of Jared Lee Loughner’s bullet, attention that has practically turned her into “Martina Luther King,” she’ll probably remain in the limelight for a long time to come. From a purely political standpoint, I suppose the silver lining here is that whatever piece of excrement takes over “representation” of the 8th Congressional District will be left holding the bag once things in Rome-on-the-Potomac completely unravel. No doubt that will have a doubly harsh impact on the economic and intellectual desert that is southeastern Arizona, so Gabby will have dodged a bullet of a whole other kind in this case. Given the political nadir that Gabby represents where Tucson is concerned (her fellow T2 congresscreature Raul Grijalva being the only other comparable example), let us hope that a particularly reprehensible specimen is elected to “represent” Arizona's 8th Congressional District.

So good-bye, Gabby, and don’t like the door to the House chamber hit you on your skinny ass on the way out. Just don’t hurry back here to Tucson, okay? The fewer T2s that come back to re-infest the hive, the better off we’ll all be.

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