No Saguaro

No Saguaro

February 17, 2012

T2 of the Week: Martha Vazquez

Some might say that it’s premature to give (now former) KVOA news anchor Martha Vazquez this week’s award, given that she has not been found guilty in a court of law of the crime of which she is accused.  However, since she has admitted to the act, that pretty much tosses that line of reasoning into the trash can.  So, without further ado, allow me to confer upon Ms. Vazquez this week’s T2 Award.  I suspect this will be her only award, unless she does something else incredibly stupid in the future that comes to the public’s attention.

Vazquez, long-time face of local Tucson NBC affiliate KVOA TV, submitted her resignation from that station on Monday, February 13th in the wake of being charged with shoplifting a jacket and some earrings at the Dillard’s department store at Tucson Mall.  As the KVOA online news article in the link makes clear, she owned up to the theft immediately after being caught and offered no explanation or excuse for it.

No doubt there are those who will rush to her defense by stating that she must be suffering from some sort of mental illness or personal problem that would have compelled her to do something so utterly moronic.  The idea that she, a very public figure in Tucson, could get away with this juvenile criminal act in a prominent Tucson retail establishment suggests that, no matter what the possible contributing factors might be, she’s really not a very bright individual at all.  Of course, being that she’s a native Tucsonan, what other conclusion would any intelligent person draw anyway? 

One also wonders how Vazquez thinks she should be treated by her media colleagues.  No doubt they will descend upon her like the pack of rabid jackals that they are, tearing her character apart in their quest for a sensational story now that she’s on the other side of the news camera.  Who says that the state-corporate media don’t devour their own?

I’ll be curious to see what becomes of “Sticky Fingers Marty” in the future.  Either her trial will be expedited due to her celebrity status in order to “make an example” of her, or her connections in the local state-corporate media will persuade the local police and judicial organs to drop her case.   Perhaps KVOA will remind the powers that be that Marty and her employer know where some bodies are buried and wouldn’t it be extremely inconvenient if these bodies were suddenly exhumed?

For their part, Marty’s employers are playing it safe, issuing this non-statement on the KVOA web site.  Not that we would expect anything else from a state-corporate media organ trying to wash the huevo off of its face and cover its ass.  Still,  one would think that the bozos who posted this statement would be aware enough to know that their dead tree pulp/empty digit competitors have already scooped the facts known so far.  KVOA, this doesn’t make you guys look very professional, not that we expect professionalism from you in the first place.

So long, Marty.  I can’t say that I’ll miss you, because I never watched your empty, teleprompter driven propaganda sewage in the first place.  Maybe, if you manage to avoid time in the clink, you’ll find a real job somewhere. Doubtful, given that you’re a native Tucsonan, with all the baggage that this entails, but one can always fantasize, can’t one?